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Upcoming Dates

Kecksburg UFO Festival - July 27th - 29th (Kecksburg, Pennsylvania)

In December of 1965 a great light was spotted streaking through the sky over the town of Kecksburg. The strange UFO has caused great debate over what it was that landed in a remote wooded area of Pennsylvania.

Today the Kecksburg UFO festival is one of the largest Paranormal festivals there is. Best part of it all? Ron will be there.

Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival - July 5th - July 8th (Greensburg, Pennsylvania @ Twin Lakes Park)

The Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival is celebrating its 44th year in 2018. The festival contains arts, music, and fun activities for kids.

Ronald Murphy will be there with a table to stop by, say hi, and check out some of his written work.

MiParacon - August 23rd - 25th (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan)

Some of the largest names within the Paranormal field will be here at this event. Held at the Kewadin Casinos Dream Makers Theater, this two and a half day event is jam packed with celebrities from various paranormal subjects. This paracon will feature topics like paranormal investigating, psychic powers, demonology, and UFOlogy. Those in attendence will be able to meet their favorites in the paranormal field and learn more about the paranormal.

PA Bigfoot Camping Adventure - May 31, 2019 - June 2, 2019 (Farmington, PA @ Benners Meadow Run)

A chance to learn, participate, and experience more about Bigfoot from some of the biggest experts in the industry. The event will feature 12 guest speakers and a large amount of vendors to visit as well.

This event is one of the largest of its kind so if you're interested in the world of Bigfoot, you need to be here.

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